• Application Flexibility

    For productivity and protection, rear brake chambers are positioned forward of the rear-rear axle to provide clearance for pavers and other rear-of-truck equipment.

  • Lower Cost of Ownership

    Rubber spring towers and rubber center bushings are more durable and provide reliable long-life performance while parallel pinion angles extend driveline joint life.

  • Complete Integration

    Available with several ground load ratings and spring leaf packs, mRIDE™ is fully integrated with Mack’s MP® engines, transmissions and axles for increased efficiency.

Suspension & Performance Specs

mRIDE™ is offered in three different capacities so you can tailor performance to fit your applications.

Weight Ratings (Lbs.)


# of Spring Leafs

mRide™ 40


Pinnacle™ Axle Forward, Granite®, Titan, TerraPro™, LR

2, 3 or 5

mRide™ 46


Pinnacle™ Axle Forward, Granite, Titan, TerraPro, LR


mRide™ 52


Granite, Titan, TerraPro, LR

3 or 11

  • Specifications

    • Suspensions
      mRIDE 40, mRIDE 46, mRIDE 52
    • Available Axles
      Mack S402R, S462R, S522R Cast Rear Axles
    • Axle Configurations
      Tandem Rear
    • Axle Spacing
    • Torque Rods
      (2) V-Rods, Top Axle Mounted
    • Shocks
      (4) Highly Recommended – Improved Ride and Durability
    • ABS
      4S4M (6S6M available on Granite Models)
    • Bushings
      Rubber Trunnion Bearing, Rubber Suspension Rod Bushings
    • Frame Sizes
      7mm, 8mm, 9.5mm. 11mm (90mm & 105mm Flange)
    • Frame Reinforcements
      With or Without Inside Channel Frame Reinforcement
    • Brake Chamber Clearance
      Rear Brake Chamber Mounted Forward of Rear Axle


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